It's not the food. Blame this instead.

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It's not the food. Blame this instead.


Hey, it's Mike.

You know…

I had a real "ah-ha" moment yesterday. And I just had to share it with you.

That's because I was inside our local pet food store…

When I witnessed a discussion between a pet parent and the store clerk.

The customer was trying to figure out why her dog was having acute digestive upset...

After switching him to a new food she'd recently purchased.

Gas. Bloating. Soft stools.

You know. The usual tummy stuff.

One by one, she began asking the clerk about each of the usual suspects

"Has the food been recalled?"

"Nope." the clerk replied.

"How about a recipe change? Could that be the cause?"

Once again, he answered, "Nope. There's been no recipe change."

So, what could it be?

You see...

They were both trying to figure out what was wrong with the food.

And that's when my curiosity kicked in.

I asked her…

"How long has your dog been eating the new food?"

She replied, "I just started him on it two days ago".

So, when I asked her HOW she had introduced the new diet to her dog, she revealed that she'd started the new food… all at once.

Cold turkey!

and that's when that "ah-ha" light bulb lit up.

I suddenly realized… maybe there was nothing wrong with the food.

But rather the METHOD she'd used to make the switch.

Here's the part that's so easy to forget.

Most dog owners don't realize how incredibly important it is to introduce a new food to your pet in small steps.


A mistake that happens all the time.

Which is why I decided to post my latest feeding tip, How to Switch to a New Food without Making Your Dog Sick.

It's nothing new. But it can still help make it safer and more predictable to transition your dog to a new food.

Learn how to safely switch to a new dog food here.

Hope you find it helpful.

Mike Sagman, Editor
The Dog Food Advisor
Saving Good Dogs From Bad Dog Food

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