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Hey, it's Mike.You know…I had a real "ah-ha" moment yesterday. And I just had to share it with you.That's because I was inside our local pet food store…When I witnessed a discussion between a pet parent and the store clerk.The customer was trying to figure out why her dog was having acute digestive upset... After switching him to a new food she'd recently purchased.Gas. Bloating. Soft stools.You know. The usual tummy stuff.One by one, she began asking the clerk about each of the usual suspects"Has the food been recalled?""Nope." the clerk replied. "How about a recipe change? Could that be...

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Are Cheese and Ice Cream Safe for Dogs? Some dogs have no problem eating cheese, ice cream or any other dairy product. While others experience acute digestive upset… Such as gas, bloating, vomiting or diarrhea, whenever they eat these common people foods. That’s because… How a dog responds to dairy products depends on the animal’s ability to digest a specific nutrient found in milk. A nutrient known as lactose. What Is Lactose? Lactose is a type of sugar. One consisting of 2 sugar molecules that are tightly linked to each other. Here’s the problem… In order for a dog to SAFELY consume dairy products… The lactose these foods contain must first be split into TWO...

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