The Best Natural Dog Food for 2022

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The Best Natural Dog Food for 2022


What Is Natural Dog Food?

Based on industry guidelines

Natural dog foods must be made only from plant, animal or mined sources. And they cannot contain artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

In addition…

Longer lasting chemical preservatives are banned from use in natural dog food. So, short-term antioxidants, like vitamin E, must be used to keep kibbles fresh.

Which Food Types Are Most Natural?

The industry’s official definition of ‘natural dog food’ is weak and doesn’t go far enough. Yet it’s far better to also think of natural foods as those made with ingredients that look more like they do in nature.

After all, there’s a big difference between a factory-made dry food pellet and a wet or fresh recipe… which is easy to see in this comparison:


Fresh Wet Dog Food vs Dry Kibble
Fresh Wet Food vs Dry Kibble (Photo credit: Nom Nom)


Since wet foods are far less processed, contain more moisture and are made at lower temperatures, they’re considered “more natural” than dry kibbles.  And why you’ll find more wet recipes on our best natural dog food list below.

In the next section…

You’ll find The Advisor’s most recommended natural dog foods. And we’ll answer the most frequently asked questions we get about choosing and feeding these healthy, whole food brands.

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